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Digital Downloads:
Image downloads are still protected by copyright and may not be altered without written approval by Mark Flower. Digital Image Downloads may be printed by the purchaser for personal use only. No commercial gain by the purchaser of the digital image must be made, such as reselling the digital image and or distributing for gain, in digital or print form. Digital Image or Video downloads must not be distributed to any third party whether it be for financial gain or otherwise. Organisations such as schools wishing to republish the images online, print or other medium must provide image credit with at least the name Mark Flower, and where possible link to the website markflower.com. Organisations wishing to republish the images with the intent or likelihood of financial gain must seek written permission from Mark Flower, as well as image credit and link as per above.

Prints are sold “as is” and become the physical property of the buyer post sale. The images borne by the prints, however, are still protected by copyright and may not be altered or reproduced without written approval from Mark Flower.